timelesstuesdayjacquie-web2I have been blessed over the past year to be entrusted with many unique and precious pieces of jewelry.  Some are family heirlooms; a mother’s cocktail ring, a grandmother’s monogramed silver spoon.  And some are just down right interesting, like old Vietnamese coins that have fused together over time.  Clients bring me a variety of wonderful stones and metals to be repurposed into something new and spectacular.  We design and collaborate together in order to come up with the perfect new treasure.  In the essence of creativity and fun, we decided it was time to share these treasures with YOU.  So we are starting a campaign on our facebook called “Timeless Tuesdays”.  Every Tuesday we will post pictures of these new and unique creations and tell you a little bit about how they came to be.

We would like to dedicate our first Timeless Tuesday to Helen Barnet and her family.  Our friend, Jacquie Walker lives on St. Croix, and her mother, Helen, passed away seven years ago after a long battle with Chronic Lymphocyte Leukemia (CLL).  When it became clear that Helen was soon going to lose her battle with CLL, Jacquie was able to visit for some time but lived thousands of miles away caring for her young child and couldn’t relocate for a long period of time. Luckily, Jacquie’s two sisters, Ann and Christina lived close by and were able to manage Helen’s transition to hospice care and the daily ins and outs of dealing with a dying parent. When Helen did pass in February of 2007, as with most estates, her jewelry was given to her loving daughters.  Jacquie chose a diamond, ruby, and pearl cocktail ring of her mothers, among others.  The diamonds were placed in Jacquie’s engagement setting and the rubies lived in her jewelry box for many years.  We tossed around a bunch of ideas and finally settled on stack rings.  Since there were twelve rubies, we created twelve rings, four for each daughter.  So this past Valentine’s day she surprised her sisters with ruby stack rings as a reminder of mom and as a thank you for the time and care they were able to give to her in her final days.