You might be wondering about our “thing” with squares. We’re glad you asked. My maiden name Joyia Jones = J x J, J to the power of 2, or “J-Squared”, the nickname given to me by my college roommate Karen.

We started with our squares by creating square stackable rings, then the bangles, soon our gift bag tags, next our signs. Ultimately, it became synonymous with our unique, signature style and branding. It’s a part of our hope that all of us vibrate at a higher frequency, our desire that you are well on your way to becoming you “squared”- you to a higher power!

You’ll be amazed by how comfortable the squares are to wear. They lay completely flat, unlike other shapes. Visit us and try on a Joyia Square Mission Bangle Bracelet or Joyia Square Diamond Stackable Rings to experience the squares for yourself!