Joyia Illusion Earrings

Joyia Illusion Earrings

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Your Joyia Illusion Earrings, available in Sterling Silver and are offered in two shapes: circles or squares. You can also buy other pieces separate and then mix and match.  These earrings are modern and eye-catching because there is a front and back piece that shows real depth and creates a 3-dimensional shape, hence the “illusion”.  They are so rad!!



The solid circle earrings are 5/8th of an inch, 16mm, almost the size of a dime. The open circle backs are 7/8th of an inch, 22mm, a little larger than a nickel. The solid square earrings are 3/4th of an inch, 19m, about the size of a dime. The open square backs are 1 inch, 26mm, a little larger than a nickel.

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Silver Squares $80, Silver Circles $80, 14k Gold Squares $845, 14k Gold Circles $845