Summertime means a lot of things including, spending time with family and friends!  I have been blessed to grow up with several families that have treated me like a daughter…one of which, is the Rothwells.  Their oldest daughter Kelly and I have been friends since grade school.  We have been through more life events then we can count, including moving to St. Croix together.

This summer marked the 40th wedding anniversary of her parents, Jan and Roger.  In celebration, all of the kids and grandkids came to St. Croix to get filled up with family love….oh, and me too, of course!  In commemoration of this awesome event, Mr. Rothwell surprised all of the women with Joyia square bangles which we engraved with a special message, “Never a wish…better than this!”  Isn’t that such a beautiful statement, as a parent you want so many things for your children but mostly just for them to be happy and healthy, to be raising happy children, and to get as much time as possible with each of them.  So, cheers to the Rothwells and all of you that will be celebrating summer laughing and reminiscing with family and friends!!!!