Inspirational Jewelry

The idea to design Inspirational Jewelry came to me along a natural progression of events that shaped my life starting at a very young age. Jewelry has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. In 3rd grade, my father bought me a tumbler to polish and smooth my precious rock collection. I grew up spending weekends accompanying my parents on countless “antiquing” excursions, and learned how to be a collector, finding treasures at flea markets and estate sales and getting them ready for reuse or resale.

One of my favorite stories about all things collectible is Donovan’s Word Jar by Mona Lisa DeGross, a book I shared with my own 3rd grade class, during my eleven years, as a teacher. When Donovan leaves his jar of precious words in the lobby of his grandmother’s building one day, he comes back to find the senior citizens having a grand ole time laughing and enjoying his words. He realizes that sharing, rather than storing them in a jar, gives him space to add new words and gives others as much joy as he has with them.

For my 3rd graders, we took the lesson of the power of positive words a step further and asked, “what’s your positive intention for the day?” When we heard, “I don’t wanna fail my spelling test,” or “I don’t wanna miss recess,” we described what we would like to have happen instead. “I’d like to pass my spelling test” got even bigger, becoming, “I’d like to ace my spelling test!” We were learning the way to change our language, focus our intentions, and affect our outcomes.

Just like I encouraged my students, I encourage family, friends, visitors, clients, and colleagues now. The words work, they help you envision positive outcomes.  After speaking with people about their baby wishes and sharing my own journey, they’re getting pregnant by focusing their intention every time they look at their jewelry with the word “promise” engraved on the charm!