1421782392941553112Every year, since our inception in 2012, our Joyia family aims to choose words, phrases, and mottos that we hope to attain for the upcoming year.   Reflecting back on the last two years, we chose the words Embrace, Trust and Gratitude… and guess what….our words manifested tremendously!!

Again this year we thought we would share our words and extend the invitation to you in the hopes that it will inspire you to manifest great things in 2015 too!

Joyia: Promise- the hope of adding a new little member to our family.
Carlo: Tranquility-I am pretty sure he chose this because I annoy him..lol.
Mom: Courage-to do things that may have been intimidating in the past, like learn her new iPhone and take more trips.
Ifa: Discipline -having the discipline to complete what I start and having the strength to be disciplined.

We can’t wait to hear what you are manifesting for 2015, so take a second to chose your word and add to our positive vibration.